Wind Water Harmony

using Nature as your guide
… nurture your Spirit

Wind Water Harmony is a pop-up shoppe
dedicated to feng shui and crystals for the Soul.

Feng Shui embraces living in harmony, using Nature as your guide.
Crystals are gifts of pure Love and Light from Nature. Everything is energy
and every single thing in our life is constantly vibrating with energy even though
we cannot see or sometimes feel it. The key to the wellness and healing powers
of crystals is in their particular vibration or frequency; they are constantly vibrating
with life force energy. Nurture your Spirit; allow your being to be naturally
supported while embracing and deepening your relationship with Nature,
taking your spirituality to a new level with feng shui and crystals.

Join me at my booth to introduce your-self, reconnect, shop
and embrace the peaceful beauty of feng shui and crystals.

I look forward to seeing you.
Love and Light, Diana DiCristina

feng shui and crystals
for the Soul

“Your booth, your work is so beautiful! I just want to tell you that from
a consumer’s perspective, the way you have displayed your crystals, stones, bracelets and descriptions is so warm, informative and inviting. It is such
a pleasure shopping at your booth. Thank you for being here.”

– Audrey Ellen

“Working with Diana is such a treat. Her commitment to you as her client goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced. She listens deeply to your desires. She then turns inward and begins using her highly intuitive skills on your request. She has a vast inventory and selects a variety of sacred stones. She then dowses them to see which of the ones selected will be presented. I have been delighted repeatedly with the purchases I have made. I highly recommend working with Diana DiCristina of Wind Water Harmony, there is no reason to go anywhere else; she will take great care of you.”
– Carolyn Vinup

“Diana DiCristina is an expert in her field and I highly trust her and her work. She is creative and her implementation is impeccable. Her integrity is consistent and reliable.”
– Deneece Lacy

“I have bought so many beautiful things from Diana over the years. I absolutely love
every one of them; each shopping experience was so spectacular, nurturing and
beyond expectation. I always feel touched by magic when I see Diana.”

– Michelle Renee


Diana DiCristina



In addition to Diana DiCristina’s Wind Water Harmony shoppe, her
professional experience includes decades in the home industry:
home improvement, remodeling, project management,
design, color, and master-level feng shui consulting.